We need the European Union more than ever! The new European political leadership taking office this year stands in front of a great opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to the European project, and to bring Europe to the forefront of the emerging global digital era.

There is an urgent need for political leadership breaking down national silos and sustaining European values and prosperity in a global digitalised economy.

It is time to embrace the changes of digitalisation and globalisation with a clear vision and responsible leadership.“What do we want and how do we get there?”

Together we will strive for a Europe where digital technologies, innovation and artificial intelligence can provide Europe’s people with competitive jobs, better health and better public services. A strong unfragmented DIGITAL EUROPE that takes leadership in creating digital Inclusion, Green growth, Innovation, Trust, Agile mission-based policy making that drives prosperity and creates benefits for European society and leads globally in an open economy.

As decision-makers from industry and politics we have a pervasive impact on people’s lives. It is our common responsibility, together with other stakeholders, such as unions to “level-up” European society so citizens and the market are ready for a sustainable, prosperous and STRONGER DIGITAL EUROPE. This is DIGITALEUROPE’s call to action.