Turkish Informatics Foundation Official Deed

Turkish Informatics Foundation Official Deed


General Terms

  • Name of the Foundation
  • Headquarters and Branches
  • Purpose and Service Areas of the Foundation
  • Legal Status of the Foundation
  • Jurisdiction of Legal Transactions


Financial Provisions

  • Property of the Foundation
  • Sources of Income
  • Financial Practice
  • Reserve Fund
  • Placement Plan
  • Change in Foundation Properties


Organization and Management,

  • Bodies of the Foundation
  • Establishment of the General Board
  • General Assembly Meetings
  • Duties of the General Board
  • Establishment of the Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Duties of the Board of Directors
  • Establishment of the Executive Board
  • Executive Board Meetings
  • Duties of the Executive Board
  • Establishment of the Board of Auditors
  • Duties of the Board of Auditors
  • General Secretariat
  • Unpaid Work Principle


Termination of the Foundation

  • Reasons of Termination
  • Board of Dissolution
  • Applicable Rules to the Dissolution of the Foundation


Final Provisions

  • Amendments of the Official Deed 
  • Absence of Provisions
  • Enforcement
  • Founders
  • Temporary Board of Directors
  • Founders List
  • Founding Institutions List


General Terms


Article 1) A foundation called “Türkiye Bilişim Vakfı” is established. The said Foundation shall be hereinafter referred to only as “Foundation”.

Headquarters and Branches

Article 2)The headquarters of the Foundation is at Büyükdere caddesi 193, 80640 Levent, İstanbul. However, the Board of Directors may decide to move the headquarters by informing the General Directorate of Foundations in advance. The Board of directors may establish agencies, offices and branches inside and outside the country for realizing the purposes of the Foundation and aiding in executing the Foundation works provided that it obtains permit from the authorized authorities.


Article 3)The main purpose of the Foundation are to conduct economic and social studies, to develop projects and to ensure implementation thereof with holding scientific research and development events in order to provide contribution to the establishment of the infrastructure of Turkey for becoming an information society and for increasing the share of informatics sector in the economy.

The primary works and events that the foundation will perform for achieving its main purpose with taking all necessary permits are as follows:

  1. To improve the support and contribution of all segments of the information sector in order to benefit more from the accelerator role of information technologies in the development of the country, to gain competitiveness by transforming into an information-based economy, to create manpower through education and to advance to the level of advanced countries that are oriented to become a society beyond the industry,
  2. To determine strategies for the Turkish IT industry to have international competitiveness and to protect and develop the adopted strategies. Encourage the development of information technologies with wide application areas and open the boundaries between industrial sectors and scientific environments,
  3. To carry out activities for raising awareness of the society, potential users and producers and to ensure the spread of this awareness. To ensure the formation of advanced institutions that adapt quickly to changing needs and that can adjust their training staff and opportunities accordingly. To improve the infrastructure of the IT industry related to manpower by providing funds and specialization to support all kinds and levels of educational activities related to IT,
  4. To promote research and development activities of the country working to create the necessary IT infrastructure within the country and outside the country with Turkey on this issue and make efforts for cooperation between international organizations,
  5. To ensure the development of the Turkish IT industry, especially in the field of software, to support the relevant research, development and training activities and to present the data to the requirements of the industry, to establish and operate laboratories,
  6. To conduct studies aimed at eliminating the legal problems related to informatics and provide the integration of informatics law with the national legal system,
  7. To produce, implement or produce and implement projects for the information infrastructure of the country with high economic and social stimulating power,
  8. To strengthen the links between Turkish industrial institutions and higher education institutions, scientific and technical research institutions, various public and private research institutions and various public and private research units, to provide necessary relations in this regard and to inform the scientific community about the requirements of the industry,
  9. First of all, to ensure the validity of the information standards for the interests of the country in the country and abroad.
  10. To organize demonstrations, competitions, meetings, social events and publishing activities in order to generate revenue for the Foundation in order to achieve the intended objectives.
  11. To provide the necessary technical equipment, hardware and software tools and materials to realize the envisaged works from domestic and foreign sources as required.
  12. To carry out activities in accordance with the purpose of the Foundation, to buy land and plots to ensure their management, to build or cause the building of the necessary facilities and buildings on them. To buy or rent facilities and structures for the same purpose.

While fulfilling the services envisaged in line with its objectives, the Foundation aims to carry out its activities in a publicly accessible manner and at such a level as to reduce the public service burden of the state.


Article 4) The Foundation is an establishment which is bound to nowhere other than its own Board of Directors, which is independent and which has a legal personality.

The Foundation is subject to the supervision of the General Directorate of Foundations and is open to all kinds of legal audits.

The foundation does not engage in politics and is not used for political purposes.


Article 5)For achieving its purposes, the Foundation is authorized, as stated in article 46 of the Turkish Civil Code, to; acquire and use the movable and immovable assets which are not limited in amount and value other than the legal limitations through donation, will, purchase and lease; to sell, transfer and release, lease the assets it owns as per the law provisions related to the foundations, to obtain its incomes and to spend thereof; to use one or more immovable assets or incomes which enter into the assets of the foundation once or multiple times for investment; to manage and dispose of the movable and immovable goods and cash which the Foundation obtains through donation, will, purchase and other methods, to purchase securities with not being contrary to the purpose and service issues of the Foundation and to valuate and sell these when the purpose of the Foundation requires; to make donations and grants to institutions and organizations that are active for the same purpose, to cooperate with institutions, organizations and persons abroad, and to receive assistance from domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, and from government and individuals when legal permission is obtained to achieve cooperation between the domestic and foreign countries, which are engaged in similar activities for the purposes of the foundation, to make agreements to provide such assistance, to be spent during the appropriate year, or to accept conditional donations such as the establishment of additional funds such as the establishment of additional funds for the protection of the principal and the purpose of the income, and to increase the income to the costs of the purpose; to accept the non-real rights of property such as easement, usufruct, sukna, top, pledge, mortgage of immovable property, to use these rights, to accept all kinds of guarantees including movable and immovable property pledges with or incomes to be used, to borrow rights, to give bail and assurances of the Foundation in order to realize the aims and services of the Foundation, In order to generate income from the projects and all kinds of activities carried out in accordance with the aims and services of the Foundation and to provide income to the Foundation, establish facilities, economic enterprises, companies, partnerships and operate these directly or under an operator under its supervision ; to enter into contracts, ventures, savings, construction, and similar contracts deemed useful and necessary for the realization of one or all of the  Foundation’s purpose and service.

The Foundation cannot use these powers and revenues for the purposes and forbidden aspects of Law No. 903.


Financial Provisions


Article 6) The assets of the Foundation at establishment is (four billion) – TL which was allocated to the foundation by the founders.

Donations to be made after the foundation of the foundation are added to the assets.


Article 7) The income sources of the Foundation are:

  1. Annual placement income,
  2. Cash, movable and immovable donations and grants conditionally and unconditionally related to the purpose of the Foundation to be made by domestic, foreign or international official or private organizations and real legal persons,
  3. The revenues from the dispositions and transactions specified in Article 5 of this Official Deed,
  4. Fees to be collected in accordance with the laws of the services to be performed in accordance with the aims and services of the Foundation,
  5. Revenues to be obtained from economic enterprises and partnerships owned or owned by the Foundation,
  6. Rent, income, interest and dividends to be obtained from movable and immovable property and securities of the Foundation, and revenues from sales of these.
  7. Revenues from competitions, meetings and social events,
  8. Publishing revenues,
  9. Income from various banks in accordance with the purpose of the foundation.
  10. Annual membership fee income determined by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.


Article 8)

  1. The management of the Foundation is authorized to spend 20% of the gross incomes obtained during the working period for the expenses of management and management, the reserve fund and the investments that will increase the assets of the Foundation and must dedicate the remaining 80% to the purposes and services of the Foundation.
  2. All or part of the appropriations allocated for management and maintenance expenses and for investments to increase the reserve fund and the assets of the Foundation may be specific to the services for the purpose and service of the Foundation.
  3. The Foundation is obliged to spend the appropriations that are specific to the purpose and service issues during the working period. However, all or part of these allowances may be kept in a fund for a certain period of time for the realization of certain projects.
  4. The appropriations allocated to the aims and services of the Foundation may not be used for any other purpose or service. Appropriations allocated to management and management expenses can be used for investments that will increase the reserves or the assets of the foundation.
  5. The Foundation maintains the required books in accordance with the balance sheet basis and the accounting records of the Foundation are issued in accordance with the General Communiques on the Implementation of the Accounting System.
  6. In order to ensure the availability of the income sources of the Foundation, the purpose and service issues are put in order and the application is made.
  7. Except for the administrative and administrative expenses limited in Article 37 of the Regulation on Foundations established in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code and the amounts to be allocated for investments that will increase the income