The Corporate Sponsorship Agreement between TPV and SAS is renewed

TBV and SAS have agreed to continue the corporate sponsorship agreement, with a few amendments to the agreement.

The SAS has been working with our foundation in the fields of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We signed a corporate sponsorship agreement with them last year and with some updates we have agreed to continue the sponsorship agreement this year. As we know, in 2019, SAS started the Digital Technology Improvers Project within their vision of social responsibility, and together with this collaboration, we are happy to announce that they will continue with their successful project this year too. 

The agreement was executed by Faruk Eczacıbası, the Chairman, on behalf of TBV and by Tayfun Topkoç, the General Manager, on behalf of SAS Turkey and Central Asia. As with last year, SAS will continue to contribute towards the projects on Information Technology organised by TBV across Turkey. 

In his short speech, Faruk Eczacıbası, the Chairman of TBV, reminded that alongside with this collaboration and as a social society organisation, TBV has organised projects that have had great contributions towards the transformation of the society, and said: “Our foundation is working to advance Turkey with the development of technologies and all the projects that we take part and organise aims to achieve this goal.  The work we have begun with SAS last year will continue with great success in other fields too. We will strive to continue with our strong belief in transforming Turkey into an information society”.

On entering the second year of the collaboration of a SAS and TBV Tayfun Topkoç, the General Manager of SAS Turkey and Central Asia, said the following: “We are aware that with the use of information technology Turkey will become a competitive developed country in terms of its economy around the world. On that note, we continue to invest in our country. We would like to express our gratitude to TBV for the great work that they have done in transforming Turkey into an information society with the projects that they have done over the past year. On the other hand, the other projects that we have introduced such as the Digital Technology Developers Projects are also developing rapidly and this will empower Turkey with Digital Intelligence. We are proud to be a part of producing such valuable investment in both fields with TBV”.