Turkey’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, AITR, has been established

TBV and ITU collaborated for the AI

With the collaboration of Turkey Informatics Foundations (TBV) and ITU Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Applications and Research Center (ITU AI), Turkey’s Artificial Intelligence Platform has been established. The purpose of the platform is to shed light onto the future of AI, concerning our work and daily life, interaction with the outer world and other technologies, as well as our approach to understanding and studying of data.

AITR emphasizes the importance of the use of social improvements and human within practicing artificial intelligence. AITR is a platform founded upon ethical management and leadership. It aims enhancing people’s education and work culture, while at the same time shaping a comprehensive perspective of those individuals and companies that build and will build our future. AITR also encourages NGOs and educational institutions & companies to be a part of this platform and believes they will uplift its mission.

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