Turkish Informatics Foundation Ecosystem

As Turkish Informatics Foundation, a crucial part of our activities is to always follow new technology topics very closely, to prepare for new business and life models that will occur within the disruptive effect of technologies, to carry out awareness and training activities in this field and to contribute to the formation of a wide ecosystem by producing reliable and unbiased outputs.

In addition to many different projects, we carry out in this context, we work in-depth and produce valuable content in a wide area as possible with 4 different multi-stakeholder platforms: such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, the EU’s digital agenda and preparing for the new world with the youth.

Dear enthusiasts, we invite you to follow the activities of Blockchain Turkey Platform, Artificial Intelligence Turkey Platform, Digital Turkey Platform and Beginning Node Platform and join us. We are looking forward to having you on board! Info: info@tbv.org.tr