TBV’den Deprem Felaketi ile İlgili Bilgilendirme

Our precious network,

In the immediate aftermath of the massive earthquake, we, like everyone else, made and are still making individual efforts to help… On the other hand, we are working to find more institutional solutions to heal the wounds of this terrible devastation in both medium and long terms.

In this process, there are many kind supporters who would like to make a donation through our foundation. As TBV, we do not have an official authorization to collect funds outside our main field of activity, but you can support the aid funds through other reliable NGO’s whose information we would like to share below:

  • AFAD – Disaster and Emergency Management

(Governmental disaster response organization): https://www.afad.gov.tr/

  • Ahbap – Anatolia People and Peace Platform

(a local NGO doing miraculous work to deliver aid to the area): https://ahbap.org/

  • AKUT – Search and Rescue Association

(another local NGO for search and rescue ): https://www.akut.org.tr/